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  1. Download loaf_bankrobbery from keymaster
  2. Download loaf_lib
  3. Add ensure loaf_bankrobbery to your server.cfg
  4. Restart your server, or type refresh then ensure loaf_bankrobbery in your server console

Adding items

A few items are used in the bank robbery script, and you'll need to add them to your server. The items are:

  • drill
  • drill_bit
  • thermite
  • laptop
  • usb_device
  • gold

Hacking and thermite minigames

The script supports 3 different thermite minigames and 6 different hacking minigames. The one you use can be changed in the config.lua file. The default thermite minigame is memorygame and the default hacking minigame is ultra-voltlab

Whitelisting models for anticheat

Some anticheats block the spawning of certain models. If you're using an anticheat that does this, you'll need to whitelist the following models:

  • hei_prop_hei_securitypanel
  • hei_prop_hei_cash_trolly_01
  • h4_prop_h4_cash_stack_01a
  • h4_prop_h4_gold_stack_01a
  • hei_p_m_bag_var22_arm_s
  • hei_prop_heist_thermite
  • hei_prop_heist_card_hack_02
  • hei_prop_hst_laptop
  • hei_p_m_bag_var22_arm_s
  • hei_prop_heist_cash_pile
  • hei_prop_heist_drill
  • hei_prop_heist_deposit_box
  • hei_prop_heist_safedepdoor